Periyar Forest Bungalow is situated in one of the oldest cardamom plantations in the cardamom hills. Started in early 1920`s the plantation has thrived during the time it was with the colonial planters and still does with the families that own. Though the estate has been split amongst the family they still retain and run each part of the estate...some better than others. The plantation around the Bungalow is mainly cardamom and looked after lovingly. One of the good things about cardamom is that it needs shade hence the age-old trees of the forest are also looked after as they are essential for the good growth of the plant and a decent harvest. You will be taken on a tour of the estate by foot and be shown the way the farming is done. You can see the workers picking, processing and drying the cardamom.


Complimentary for in-house guests


Learn about life on a working cardamom plantation

What is included :

You will have a staff from the plantation to take you around the estate and show you the various processes.

What is not included